Media Coverage
Part III


News articles about the author.


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1: Centralia Sentinel August 29, 2003
2: Front Page Register-News August 26, 2003.

Photos of author at the Rotunda of the Montgomery Alabama State Judicial Building when the 10 Commandments was being removed and interviewed by television and newspaper reporters August 23, 2003.

4: Photos of author at the courthouse when Judge Roy Moore was dismissed from office November 13, 2003 and sharing the information and being interviewed.

Do you know this man?  If you re Jewish, you should.
He is an author of many spiritual books.

It's Rabbi Benjamin Blech


Radio and TV Producers interview questions and notes.
Please look  for the producers web link in the
Radio TV Interview Report (RTIR) Magazine early March/mid-March 05,  or contact the Author

Here are some stations author has been interviewed

Radio 730 AM. New Orleans. Keith Rush Show.  60 mins

KOMA 1520 AM. Oklahoma City. Carol Arnold Show.  60 mins

WTRC 1340 AM. Elkhart, IN. Allen Strike Show.  30 mins

KTKT 990 AM. Tucson, AZ. Bert Lee Show. 60 mins

WSAR 1480 AM. Massachusetts. Wayne Bee Nightlight Show. 60 min

WACR 103.9 FM. Columbia, MS,  Lloyd Mitchell and Glenda. 60 min

KCTE 1510 AM. Kansas. Randy Miller

WYIL 98.7 FM. Knoxville, Tennessee, Barbie & Mat Show 30 min

WNWS 101.5 FM. Harell Show

WAPI 1070 AM. Birmingham, Alabama, Richard Dixon Show 30 min

WEKZ 93.7 FM. Scott Thomson Show

WLW 700 AM Cincinnati, Ohio, Bill Boshers Show 90 mins

Free America Radio NM.  Clayton Douglas Show 60 mins

KB 650 AM Dave Clifton Show, Cheyenne, WH, 60 mins

KBUL 970 AM, Tommy B Shaw 50 mins

KCXL 1140 AM Margie Kay Show, Liberty, MO

WILU 1570, Benl William

KEBA 1230, Bill Shields

WASO 730, Keith Rush

KIND 1010am, Chris Kouink

WALF 88.3FM, Jim Fish

WSLB am, Dick Wilson

KEBM KBKR am, Bobbie Dee

1340 am, Dominic Brascic


A few places "Thy God is One" is advertised in.


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