Foundations of the book "Thy God Is One"
By George Allen McCabe
Part II

Discovering the Seven Noahide Commandments originally established for all humanity and the Jewish view of  thy one God and their Messiah. 

Because of the lack of knowledge Judge Roy Moore was attempting to place the wrong set of commandments in a public place.

Author was there at the Rotunda in Montgomery, Alabama state judicial building as seen on TV and newspaper stories (pictures on Media Coverage). He was sharing information about the seven Noahide commandments when the 10 commandments was removed August 2003 and when Judge Roy Moore was removed from office. November 13, 2003

Would it be good if all public places would recognize what are believed to be Gods laws?  If we do, lets put the correct set there for a non-Jewish nation, originally called the 7 Noahide Commandments, not the Jewish 10 Commandments.

Because of the brick wall or isolation between the Jewish religion and the world in general, few have heard about these 7 laws, especially those with graduate degrees in theology. 

If there are only 7 Commandments some might wonder what 3 commandments are eliminated from the 10. The answer is none. We are talking about a similar but separate set of commandments established and legislated for non-Jews thousand's of years before the 10 Commandments. Some do overlap each other.  Example: United States has it's Constitution, Canada has a Constitution, and some points do overlap each other, but they are two separate documents serving the same purpose

The great flood marked a point in history, the 7 Noahide Commandments were not given as dramatically with thunder and lightning as Moses standing on a mountain top with two (originally rectangle) tablets of stone. The 7 were not given in one spot in numerical order like the 10 commandments.

The numbers, word seven, and Noahide are not found in the King James Version. Neither is the numbers 1 through 10 used numbering the 10 commandments.

How does Jewish scholarship explain the separate set of Commandments? Jewish Talmudic description for seven Biblical laws given to Adam and to Noah before the revelations to Moses on Mt. Sinai and binding on all mankind. (The New Encyclopedia Britannica: Micropedia 15th, Volume Eight page 737). Also Talmud Sanhedrin 56a.

There was a historical joint resolution of both houses of Congress recognizing these 7 Noahide Laws signed by the President of the United States. Public Law 102-14 102D Congress. March 20 1991. The Lutbavitch movement. 

The 7 Noahide Commandments is also called the seven Mitzvoths of B'nai Noach (meaning the 'seven laws of the children of Noah'.). The 10 Commandments in Jewish culture is also called the Decalogue (meaning 'the ten words'.)

Most important fact: The 7 Commandments are NOT from the Jews.

The book of Genesis covers over a 2,000 year period (half the Old Testament in time) and it's all about non-Jews.

Most are familiar how God established a covenant with the Israelite Gentiles on the mountain.  This formed a Jewish nation. Yet one can hardly recall a covenant being formed for themselves as Gentiles so one can die at peace with God.

Genesis 9:8-13 1650 (2104 BCE) Like Moses and the covenant to establish the Jewish nation, it is believed God said to Noah, (father of the Gentiles) who represented the Gentile nations, (King James) Genesis 9:9 "I establish My covenant with you"........ and with your seed after you......, for perpetual generations, (The Tanach Masoretic text art scroll stone edition known as the Torah as common to the Jews as the King James is to the Christians.) says, "Generations forever". This covenant was a major part of legislating in writing the 7 commandments, That was previously understood orally.

When the Israelites left Egypt and crossed the Red Sea led by Moses or Charleton Heston they were not under the 10 Commandments and could not be technically called Jews. Jewish libraries of history reveals the faith of the patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, ect. were forerunners of Judaism they actually lived under the 7 Noahide Commandments and were technically Righteous Israelite Gentiles, not Jewish.

Moses was an Israelite Hebrew Gentile until he went to the mountain. Then he technically became a Hebrew Israelite Jew when he received the Ten Commandments. This was the beginning of the Jewish organization. Example: The Author is a American Irish Gentile if he converted to Judaism, he would technically be an American Irish Jew.

Jewish scholars explained there never was a law legislated because of example of what God or man did. It was commanded into law.

The 10 Jewish Commandments, eventually over 100 years, acumulated 613 laws and statutes associated with it. The 7 Gentile commandments has a fraction of that amount associated with it. Simple knowledge of these statutes would be helpful to achieve higher  spirituality but may not be necessary to go to heaven. (The book explains.)

What is the definition of the word statutes? Example: The law that says, "Do not murder." A statute to it may include abortion. 

Some may say, "I am not under any laws for various reasons." but technically you are. You cannot murder your neighbor or steal from him without judgment from heaven or earth. Without laws how can courts judge the unjust and how can heaven make judgment?

Lets briefly review two of the seven commandments given to all Gentiles only. We are not talking about laws that man imagines in his mind, such as doctrines.  Such as Hair line and Hem Line, etc..

Example #1  Noahide Commandment #4   Capital Punishment. God commanded Not to Murder. "Whoso sheddeth man's blood by man shall his blood be shed"  Genesis 9:5 actually written down a thousand years before the 10 Commandments. Talmudic history statutes say that killing is ok in the cases of self defense or times of war.

Before the flood there were only 6 Commandments and they were not written out, but they were all orally understood by Adam, a Gentile. Talmud Sanhedrin 56a. It was orally understood not to murder. Example: Cain and Able.

After the flood, all men only in one society were executed for disobeying one of the seven commandments, (Statues) by the sons of a patriarch! (book explains the story)

Example #2  Noahide Commandment #7   Genesis 9:4  Because meat was not eaten before, after the flood, the 7th Commandment was added. God commanded 'One should not eat an animal when it is alive' this did not mean to be a vegetarian. This had nothing to do with Jewish kosher laws. These laws were modified a thousand years later in Judaism. As God told Jews only to eat certain meats. God told the Gentiles that they could eat all meats. Genesis 9:3 (Statutes to the 7th Commandment also relate to the treatment of animals.)

There are several differences between the commandments for Jews and Gentiles. Lets review two of them.

One of the Seven Noahide Commandments tell Gentiles nations to set up a court of Justice, but not the Jewish nation in their 10 Commandments. Why?

One of the 10 Commandments told Jews to worship on Saturday but not Gentiles. Why?

Why don't the Jews tell the world about the 7 Noahide Laws? Could it be because they know so many think they have no spirituality? They've been a lightning rod for religion and there is a fine line between trying to inform and trying to persuade

Most might think we could just list all seven laws and be done, but that's only the beginning of what's to be said especially how and why they originated.

There is evidence that Jews were given a special commandment to be a light unto the nations (Isaiah 42:6) with the responsibility to preserve the knowledge of both covenants for Jews and Gentiles and at the same time be separate from the Gentile nations......(Exodus 19:5,6, Numbers 23:9, ). Shall be peculiar above all people a kingdom of priests and shall dwell alone among the nations. Did God make a mistake when that scripture was inspired?

Will the Jews have to wait until Zechariah 8:23 (K.J.) happens to share their knowledge? "In those days it shall come to pass that 10 men shall take hold out of the languages of the nations, even shall take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew saying, 'we will go with you for we have heard that God is with you'."

According to Christian Scholars, Josephus was a famous Jewish historian. Why is he unknown by Jewish Scholars?  How did he have documents of all Christian manuscripts before they existed?  According to his writings, he believed Jesus was a Messiah, but not one time did he rebuke the horrible barbaric, unjust punishment of Jesus. And at the same time he recorded the facts about Jesus that supports Christian views today.  He never converted to Christianity. So much is recorded by Jewish writers, (Disciples), especially the New Testament, but why is so little known about Orthodox Judaism of how and why they view one God , a Messiah, evil forces, etc.

In attempting to investigate the Jewish views about their Holy days and their 613 laws, not only did the author discover the 7 Noahide commandments, he discovered interesting facts about the Jewish messiah and their definition of one God .

How do Jews view their messiah and what do they expect from him? Here are only 19 out of hundreds of questions most don't think about. Could answers to these questions help piece the puzzle together and give better clues to the coming messiah?

Rather a court of law or not, If we only hear one view and
refuse to hear the other views, how can one honestly judge truth?

A few Questions that are covered in "Thy God is One"

Question #1

How much time do the Jews feel they have before their messiah appears? The answer to this question alone would be worth the price of the book.

Question #2

What do the Jews feel must happen before their Messiah comes? It's not what you have been told.

Question #3

When and what was the real reason Jews began looking for a Messiah?

Question #4

In the mind of a Jew, is their messiah's mission to redeem sinners?

Question #5

What are the qualifications and mission of a Jewish messiah through the eyeglasses of Jewish scholars?

Question #6

According to the Jews how will the Jewish messiah appear? How was it understood he will be empowered?

Question #7

In the mind of a Jew, will their messiah be in reality a human and anointed like King David? Verbally hearing the voice of God?

Question #8

What was the real reason the Jews say they lost the temple? 

Question #9

How many years do Jews say actually remains before 6,000 years are completed? Could it be 250 years away. Is this a clue when a Jewish Messiah empowered.

Question #10

Why do Jews look for the 6,000 year mark in their time?

Question #11

At what point did Jews begin calculating the years in time from? What year is it according to the Jewish calendar today?

Question #12

What do Jews feel about future prophesy of the world and the events to happen yet? Is there more than you have been told?

Question #13

What year was the old testament completed according to Jewish scholars? Was it about 500 years before the Greek culture wrote a newer Testament?

Question #14

After completion of the Old Testament, were the Jews warned three times not to add to their Bible as they claim? Is there a different plan for Jews only to die in peace with God? What scriptures do they quote, answering both questions?

Question #15

Why do Jewish scholars say, "All Gentile Israelites were predestined to become Jewish?", And all 10 tribes are Jewish.

Question #16

Why do Jews say, "Never in history was Gentiles or the world in general never under Jewish laws or temple policies and sacrifices, etc?"

Question #17

Why do Jews believe since the beginning of time all Righteous Gentiles who lived on earth, especially before Jesus' era, are in heaven today? What scriptures do they use to support this view?

Question #18

Why do Jews say they are not the chosen people?  Why is this so misunderstood by Christian Scholars? Was there other Nations asked to accept Judaism and its demanding lifestyle, But refused? 

Question #19

Why are the Jews not a race of people? Part IV af the website explains.


The book "Thy God is One" explains many views,
 that jews only discuss among themselves.

It's not about believing the other views,
it's all about knowing why and how they existed. 

Most has their own definition of one God and not interested in the history of the seven Noahide laws.

Yet, almost everything possible Jesus did has been debated by Christian scholars or has been seen on history channels: The Sacred Shroud, His birthplace, date, place of crucifixion, did Judas betray Jesus, is that Jesus' wife sitting next to him in the Last Supper? The Book Da Vinci code, was that Jesus' brothers burial box, etc?

Yet, before Judaism, the true religious history of the Gentiles high spirituality are forgotten or ignored because many have lack of confidence or trust from Jewish sources.

When it comes to prophecies in the Old Testament, there is no end to the different views. So often scholars underestimate the oral laws of interpretations of the Torah, believing its not an ordain interpretation of God. Many individuals trust his or her own interpretation and will not consider the 4,000 years the rabbinic council had established throughout the centuries.

Quoting an example from the Jewish Bible introductory page. They explain there is a companion to the written Torah, The Oral interpretation without which the written Torah can be twisted and misinterpreted beyond recognition. 

Example: 'Eye for an eye' Ex 21:24  Oral Torah explains, "One who assaults his brother must pay. Never is Jewish history was physical punishment meted out for assault. This verse was always understood to require monetary compensation." explains the Torah introductory page. Author discusses not his view but what he has learned orally from the Jewish scholars about many of the familiar Old Testament scriptures, especially prophecies about a Christian messiah.

This 240 page documentary, "Thy God is One" is a fast tracking edition. It would take many years to gather this much information. It gets to the facts quickly with references. Pointing you in the right direction to investigate yourself. Actually, it should take dozens of volumes to explain the subjects.

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