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How can this have anything to do with the subject one god and the Noahide Laws?
In a court room trial, questions are ask by the prosecutor and the defense
that may seem unimportant, but it helps confirm and determine the truth.

What is the technical difference between Gentile and Jew?
Can misunderstanding the technical deference influence gentiles to embrace unnecessary religious doctrines?

Religious investigator George Allen McCabe, author, summarizes one concept not fully discussed
 that is not discussed in the book, that led to the writing of  "Thy God is One"

There are so many different views about Jews Genealogy Timeline.  The following information reflects time consulting verbally  and directly with Jewish Orthodox Rabbis about their generational timelines. Note: These Rabbis were schooled in Israel, and can live there as a citizen of Israel. It is nearly impossible to do this if you are a gentile who impersonates Jewish Rabbis giving incorrect information.

In Judaism, there is no one that is half Jew and half Gentile.

Most of the time, wrong interpretation or understanding may be harmless concerning Jewish genealogy or timelines. However, wrong interpretation can lead some to believe all Gentiles are required to keep the Jewish Laws, Sabbath (Saturday), Holy days, food laws, etc. such as Seventh Day Adventist, Worldwide, Messianic, (which are mostly Christian Gentiles).                                                                   George McCabe, Author of

Do you know how to explain the technical difference between a Jew, a Gentile, or Israelite.  According the Orthodox Rabbis, " In God's eyes one is not any better than the other.

What is your religious status?

Can you be a spiritual Jew and a physical Gentile at the same time?

What is a Gentile? Anyone who is not Jewish.

What is the definition of a Jew? Anyone who is not a Gentile.  So often it is so easy to make up ones own personal definition depending on what doctrines they think they should embrace.

So often in Christianity the word gentile is viewed to be ungodly.  To some, there is only Jew or Christian, yet they may view a Muslim as a gentile or anyone who may not believe like they do.

How does the Bible separate the two? Exodus 19:5-6. "Now therefore if ye will obey my voice indeed and keep my covenant then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: For all the earth is mine. And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests and an holy nation. These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel."

Numbers 23:9 "For from the top of the rocks I see him, and from the hills I behold him. lo, the people shall dwell alone and shall not be reckoned among the nations."

What is the definition of an Israelite? This is even more misunderstood.

The modern dictionary is half right in describing an Israelite as a Jew, it does correctly describe one as a descendent of Jacob. What the American Heritage dictionary doesn't make clear is that there was a point when an Israelite was not technically a Jew, which is a common misunderstanding among Gentiles, Especially Sabbath keeping groups, because the Ten Commandments hadn't been given yet. Jacob was not born a Jew, he was born a Gentile. The term Israelite was not used when he was born. The word Israelite was first used in Numbers 25:14. The dictionary also says an Israelite is:  A native or inhabitant of the ancient Northern Kingdom of Israel. They may not have been referred to as Israelites by the Egyptians, but they were technically Israelites in Egypt also.

The word Israelite did not always mean someone who is a Jew*. The Jews interpret the word Israelite to mean a child of Jacob. Originally a Gentile. After Jacob they were referred to as Israelites. They were called this because it was believed God changed Jacob's name to Israel.                                                                   George McCabe, Author of

* If you're born Irish, or in any faith other than Judaism, you're a Gentile. But, if you convert to Judaism after 3 long years of intensive scrutiny, you could be described as an Irish Jew. The same principle being an Israelite, they were Gentiles first. After Mt. Sinai giving for the first time the 10 Commandments divided a point in history and all Israelites officially and were pre-destined to became Jewish Israelites.

The word Gentile first appeared in Genesis 10:5.

Again, you can be a Christian Gentile but not a Gentile Jew, or you can be a Gentile from many nations. But if your mother was mother was Jewish and you never were exposed or embraced Judaism, you could call yourself Jewish Christian if you join Christianity  but technically you cannot call yourself a gentile ever. If you are not Jewish and do not believe anything, you are still a Gentile.  The word Atheist could be attached to it.  If you are Jewish and you do not believe in anything, you could be correctly described Jewish Atheist
Note:  This seems to be a twisted concept.  The statements should leave you with the understanding that being Jewish is a Heritage, not a race.  ex. A person born to a Christian family will be baptized into the religion. Unlike Judaism he is not automatically a Christian. A Jewish person is part of the religion from birth.

Most Christian scholars don't think about the word Hebrew being associated with a language, not necessarily a Jew.

1948- 2123 BCE. Abraham was the first person called a Hebrew. The word Hebrew means Ivri. Ivri means to cross over and to teach about Thy One God. There was a point in history where it was common to incorporate other gods into the true one God. Some men were viewed as a God.  It was later commanded not to do so. Isaiah 46:5 "To whom you liken me and make me equal and compare me that we may be alike."

After Mt. Sinai, it actually took several hundred years for the Jews to be recognized.

The Torah reveals to Moses at Mount Sinai, that the Israelites are to be a separate covenant* from Gentile nations. (Exodus 19:5-6, Numbers 23:9)

*Ten Commandment Covenant.

The word Jew did not appear until II Kings.

The word Jew came from the word Juda.

Quick summary. Orthodox Rabbis explain there wasn't a group of Israelites who chose some of the Jewish laws and went in a different direction as Gentiles. It is understood in the Jewish denomination that all of Jacobs decedents, or all Israelites, after Mt. Sinai officially became Jews. They really didn't have much choice because of the convent with Abraham. Remember: Jacob's grandfather was Abraham.

2108-2255 BCE. Jacob was the first to be called an Israelite.                                                                    George McCabe, Author of

Another misunderstood statement is that Isaac did not physically adopt Ephraim and Manasseh. They were already his grandsons. They were destined to be Jews.

Most of us have seen the movie The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston, depicting Pharaoh's army chasing the Gentile Israelites to the Red Sea. They were still under the 7 Noahide Commandments. They were not obligated to any Jewish laws yet.

Again, technically, up until the 10 Commandments were given on Mount Sinai, Israelites were under the classification of Gentiles and lived under the 7 Commandments, legislated in Genesis. Moses, Believed in Thy One God, was not even born Jewish. He was born a Gentile Israelite. Only when they received the 10 commandments did the Jewish religious organization-denomination begin to develop.

When Judaism, (a small group of Israelites compared to the world's population) was established on Mt. Sinai, Jewish Rabbis explain it did NOT include the entire world (or 70 Nations) to live under those standards. Jewish scholarship explains there is NOT a list of scriptures or any, saying Gentiles should not obey what they do. But it is always understood among Jews that Gentiles are NOT to live under all the 10 laws that they do, but only the 7 Noahide laws. The Bible never instructed the Jews to look for converts.

Summary: There were only three patriarchs often misassociated with Judaism, they were technically Gentiles. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob*. 1948-2255 BEC.

Only *Jacob was technically an Israelite Gentile.

The Old Testament says, "Abraham kept the commandments." What set of laws was Abraham obeying? Even though they were not officially given yet, most interpret scripture to be the 10 Commandments Abraham was obeying but it was not.

There are many Christians who imitate the Jewish people and don't recognize the 7 Commandments. Some believe the Jews made them up to confuse Gentiles. Especially Gentile Sabbath observing Christian groups.

Again, after Abraham, according to Jewish scholars all Israelites were predestined to become part of Judaism on the Mountain. A few people from other nations did convert to Judaism. All 12 Tribes were Jewish descendants of Abraham, not from the 70 Nations.                                                                   George McCabe, Author of

Summary, If me and my wife, now Irish Gentile, convert to Judaism and have children, we would create a new era for my children to be Jewish or American Jewish Irish.  A gentile Christian can denounce his faith and still be a gentile. A Jewish can forsake his faith, but he will always be Jewish.

No details were listed in the Christian K.J. Old Testament. Abraham, who never sacrificed an animal for sin*, was credited in Genesis 26:5 for obeying God's voice, and keeping the commandments. Most think this is referring to  the 10 Commandments. again This could only be referring to the 7 Commandments* and the statutes that are associated with them, not the 10 or the 613 laws associated with THEM. Abraham died before the 10 Commandments were even given! So did Isaac, Jacob, Levi, Joseph, Amram. According to Jewish scholarship, they were all non-Jews. 

*Genesis 8:20 Noah gave a burnt offering on the altar. It was not a sin offering. Gentiles had the privilege to offer sacrifice or burnt offerings. Often it's confused as a Jewish idea. This is one reason why God commanded Noah to take extra animals of a clean nature on the Ark. It had nothing to do with Judaism. Noah did not wear a prayer shawl, kippah, or keep the 7 holy days, or do anything that remotely resembled Judaism. Noah was simply a Righteous Gentile.

According to Jews scholarship Abraham obeyed the original  7 Noahide Commandment Covenant. The Torah does indicate that Abraham knew, had a vision, about some of the laws to come in the future. He was one of the first to be circumcised*. This later identified others as an Israelite, but no one was obligated under the 10 laws because they were not GIVEN yet. Jews do not eat meat and dairy together today. Some say the Jews misinterpret their scriptures about not eating meat and dairy together because Abraham ate meat and dairy together in Genesis 18:6. The meat and dairy law had not been established yet. Example, When Columbus was credited with discovering America, it did not make him American. When Abraham was circumcised, it did not make him Jewish or establish law for everyone. Again, The law for circumcision of the Jews only was not established yet. It later set the ground work for the legislation of the Jewish laws. This is what makes the Jews a peculiar or strange people.

*Many men are circumcised today and it doesn't make them Jewish. If an already circumcised Gentile converts to Judaism, he still must go through a ritual where a small cut is made on the end of the penis. 

Another fact that confused some to believe Abraham kept the Sabbath like Jews do today is that the Bible says he kept a Passover. Passover, as known today, was not established yet. Abraham lived many hundreds of years before the main event in Egypt. In discussing this subject with the Rabbis, it's unclear exactly how Abraham celebrated a Passover of some kind. My view, as author, one possibility could be because Abraham was noted for crossing over and was very charismatically preaching about Thy One true God. He could have been celebrating a spiritual experience of freedom of idol worship which later evolved into Passover from freedom of bondage in Egypt. 

Special Note. What kind of sacrifice did Abraham or Patriarchs give? Did they sacrifice an animal for their sins? In that era Gentiles could do animal sacrifice. Today, Americans sacrifice a turkey, cutting its head off and roasting it.  Gathering around a table and giving thanks, similar to the rituals of the old testament.  It is believed that Abraham and the Patriarchs participated in animal sacrifice. Some Jewish scholars believe that Abraham sacrificed for different reasons. Those would be to technical to explain because after Judaism was established it became more complicated. Technically, sacrificing an animal never saved a Jew from sin, only a repented heart.  Book "Thy God is One" explains the scriptures.

Did Joseph obey Jewish laws? No, he was a Gentile and lived under the 7 Noahide Commandments.

Joseph, a righteous Gentile, shaved his beard before going to Pharaoh. The law, one of the 613 laws, about shaving a beard with a razor hadn't been established yet. If you see a clean shaven Jew, it most likely was not done with a razor but by an electric shaver. This is okay under the rabbinic council.

Summary:  Adam and Eve did not live under the 10 or 613 Commandments of the Jews. Adam, Seth, Methuselah, Noah, Shem, and Eber, were not Jewish. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Levi, Joseph, Amram, etc. all were technically RIGHTEOUS GENTILES, never sacrificed an animal for sin*, and lived under the 7 Commandment Covenant. Again, they were not Jewish. Some believe that Adam kept the Sabbath because God rested on the 7th Day.  This did not legislate a new law, it only made a statement of fact.

Remember, there are reasons many of the sacrifices done during Patriotic era. It had nothing to do with Judaism. The Temple or Judaism had not been established yet. 

You have the events that happened, The flood, the Tower of Babel, the Egyptian bondage, Abraham binds Isaac, the Red Sea splits, etc. Anyone associated with these events was not Jewish.

Itís very hard to find information like this which the author verbally discussed from Jewish Orthodox Rabbi's.

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