Mr McCabe thru the grace of god, lives within the framework of Christianity,
who seeks the faith of Abraham.

"No matter who you are, it is between you and One God."


Born and raise in Southern Illinois, and has resided in many towns with Harrisburg,  Mt Vernon Il being the primary towns. 
He has also lived breifly in St Petersburg Florida for 20 years.

As a side note: He was on  the 10 mile Tampa Bay Bridge that was hit by a barge in the 80's.
As a semi-truck driver, making deliveries to Miami., The barge hit the middle span
 and knocked it out.  32 lives were lost in the Greyhound Bus imediatle behind him.

Married since 1969, with 8 Children with grandchildren
His hobbies includ fishing, horseback riding, and rides an
older model Harley-Davidson and an older model Corvette
He can be found enjoying a good vegitarian meal

As a business man, he is envolved in the timber industry.